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Enter NetGirl Brandalyn

What I really like about NetGirl is their ability to convince these cute amateur teens to take a thick stiff cock deep inside the tiniest tight pussies. It’s quite impressive how they handle getting naked in front of the cameras and new horny male friend. This amateur porn shoot stars wild redhead Brandalyn, who raises the bar to new heights at her impressive debut on NetGirl. She’s got that innocent freckled face, nice perky titties, and a hot little booty that looks like it would be perfect for fucking in the ass. Although she doesn’t quite try anal this time around, I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes back for round two, spreading her asscheeks for a hungry big dick. This college cutie has got what it takes to be a porn star, but I’m not sure that’s Brandalyn’s plan. She’s young, still finding herself, and seems to love attention from men whether it’s sexual or not. I’d give this first timer a ten out of ten for her immense determination to please and pleasure!


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