Audition Porn


Enter NetGirl Evelyn

Now here’s a gorgeous girl-next-door type of chick, that I was really crossing my fingers for when waiting to see the outcome. I anxiously awaited wondering if Evelyn would run away in horror regretting to score even a minute of footage, or would she try porn for the very first time on camera? Well, first of all Evelyn had no idea these guys actually work for NetVideoGirls, and quite frankly real porn is their number one priority. She was under the impression that she was auditioning for modelling gig, but I highly doubt blowjobs and sex with a stranger is apart of a typical interview. Luckily, Evelyn isn’t quite in the loop, and doesn’t fully catch on to things as she ends up showing off a whole new side of herself to the cameras. I’d love to see this sexy girl do the attacking next time, and maybe help teach another girl how it’s really done!


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