Audition Porn


Enter NetGirl Pepper & Blaire

Blaire returns for her second audition, not realizing that Pepper is lying in wait to test out her gorgeous body. Her one goal is to help Blaire really unleash her wild side. But Blaire’s never been with a girl before, so she’s entering new territory. She’s not sure of her skills, however she does know one thing; no one knows what a woman needs sexually more than another woman. She’s so happy that she decided to relax and go with the flow, it turns out she is better at eating pussy than she ever thought she could be. And it feels so good when she’s getting her pussy eaten. But wait a minute, there’s another person getting in on it. She wasn’t prepared for this. Another strangers cock inside her pussy in less than a week? It’s so big though and it feels so good….


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