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Enter NetGirl Pepper & Lane Attacks

Good girl Emily returns for her second calendar audition excited to be called back. She so much fun last time that she is curious about what till happen this time around. When she arrives, Pepper and Lane are waiting to pounce. She has never been with a girl before, let alone two girls that are total strangers. This is going to be her first lesbian experience, but she knows that once she gets into it she is shedding the last of her good girl image. Pepper and Lane are there to teach her how it done. She’s happy there are more experienced girls there to take the lead. It might be her first time but these girls are so hot and expertly navigate her pussy and clit with their mouth and tongue. Before she knows it she’s so hot for the spanking and fucking. She feels so satisfied that she never wants to go back to being the good girl again.


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